Just a Barnard Baby


Founded on the auspicious 11th of November, in the year 2011, Barnard Baby has blogged about provincial life in the small rural hamlet of New York City since arriving at the gates of the inimitable Barnard College with a vial of White Men's Tears in her pocket and a pair of sensible size 6 1/2 boots on her feet.


Dubbed Mother of Prospies by the ever elusive Seer Overheard on the 22nd of July, in the 13th year of the 2nd millennia.

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Just a Barnard Baby

Walking off my tired feet

Pounding 42nd street

To be in a show
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There’s a new blog in town!

Blatantly Barnard

Two juniors run it, and I believe they’re both in sororities, so if you have any sorority questions, direct them to these two ladies. They would know far more about it than I.

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