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Founded on the auspicious 11th of November, in the year 2011, Barnard Baby has blogged about provincial life in the small rural hamlet of New York City since arriving at the gates of the inimitable Barnard College with a vial of White Men's Tears in her pocket and a pair of sensible size 6 1/2 boots on her feet.


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Latenite auditions were last night! Last night meaning 4 hours ago. I had seen the “festival,” for lack of a better word, last year and when I say festival I mean full Dionysian style bacchanalia. They perform for three nights, and the first two nights are always professional and polished. The third night, however… shit hits the fan.

Everybody (of age, ahem) imbibes much alcohol before the curtain opens and performs while intoxicated. Actors troll each others plays by invading them while in character, forcing on-the-spot improvisation that is usually hilarious. The plays themselves are usually very well-written, although if you only go Saturday night, the fact that you won’t understand a thing that is going on can be quite a turn-off. So if you plan to go this year, be sure to watch it either Thursday or Friday before going Saturday night. And you must go Saturday night.

And I believe tickets are free too.

In any case, I felt that the audition went very well, a feeling that most of us, as actors, never have, so fingers crossed (I’ll make a generalization and say all actors hate auditions. All actors including Anne Hathaway and Noomi Rapace, who have both confessed such in so many words). While waiting to be called, I met some wonderful Columbia students. Topics of conversation ranged from Snoop Lion to the plural form of penis (it’s Latin so it should be “penes”) to Game of Thrones and Joss Whedon. I believe I’ve recruited three people to the next CUSFS meeting, so that makes this a very productive night.

Except for the fact that I still have 80 pages to read.


So I’m off to do that.

I just want to take this moment to thank all 200 of you girls for being such wonderful people. This blog’s one year anniversary is almost coming up. Can you believe that? Thank you all for being supportive, for asking great questions, for correcting me when I’m wrong, and flailing with me when our passions intersect. Thank you for caring at least a little about my life, as I spread it out for all of you to see. So thank you. I love you all.

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