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What are the lounges like on every floor? And how busy are the kitchens??
Asked by Anonymous

The lounges differ slightly on every floor. All lounges have a table with chairs as well as a few couches. Every lounge also has a sink, a microwave, and an electric coil stove. Not all, but many lounges have TVs and ovens.

As for how busy they are, it really depends. Some days, you’ll go in to cook or study and there is noone around. Other days, there may be a group of girl making rice-balls and hanging out. A lot of upperclassmen use the kitchen to cook, since we have a limited meal plan, so you’ll definitely see us around.

One thing. The kitchens always smell funny. Last year, the Sulz 8 kitchen smelled perpetually of cloying kettle corn.

Posted on October 08, 2012
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