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Founded on the auspicious 11th of November, in the year 2011, Barnard Baby has blogged about provincial life in the small rural hamlet of New York City since arriving at the gates of the inimitable Barnard College with a vial of White Men's Tears in her pocket and a pair of sensible size 6 1/2 boots on her feet.


Dubbed Mother of Prospies by the ever elusive Seer Overheard on the 22nd of July, in the 13th year of the 2nd millennia.

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hey! i'm the flailing infant taking american drama in the 1990s this semester, and i'd like to thank you for 1) your virtual guidance during both the admissions process and my first year, and 2) your insight and eloquence in class! i aspire to be a better thinker every time you speak. (is this message weird? it's definitely weird.)
Asked by oneformahler

hold on a quick tick, who is this (!!) ? That seminar isn’t that big, so I def know who you are in real life.

(and um that’s a lie, there’s not one flailing infant in that class today was a fucking phenomenal conversation)

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Hi there! I'm currently a junior in HS, and I really want to major in theater, despite my parents' objections. Barnard seems like a great option for me, as I love NYC and the liberal arts approach that Barnard takes with it's theater program. However, my main passion has always been musical theater, and if I understand correctly, Barnard's theater program doesn't really focus on musical theater. Are there any opportunities to do musical theater at Barnard? Thanks! xx
Asked by Anonymous

Barnard theatre program has a couple classes focused on musical theatre (Acting the Musical Scene, and  Acting the Song). The productions tend to be non-musical plays though. Nevertheless, there is a thriving community of student musical theatre being done on the extracurricular level. CMTS (Columbia Musical Theatre Society) always does two shows every semester, and there’s also Varsity Show if you’re interested in that.

Posted on September 16, 2014

Social Justice Activities Fair! | Facebook ⇢

Hosted by Barnard College’s Social Justice House! If you want to get involved with campus activism, this is a great way to figure out what you can do.

September 23rd // 12pm-4pm

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just fyi

According to my suitemate, flofaye, The Modern Caribbean is a fucking fantastic class.

First off, from one of the culpa reviews:

Professor Lightfoot is a decent professor, however be aware that “History of the Modern Caribbean” is not history of the modern caribbean. It is the history of slavery and the oppression of black people in the Caribbean. While I have nothing against that, the class was ill-described, and you should be aware of what you are signing up for.


Myself, and many others I know would not have taken the class had we known the clear political and racist agenda behind this class.

Among other things, Professor Lightfoot claims that ‘Africans in the West Indies founded the modern banking industry.’ While such an argument can be made, it is obviously a very narrow viewpoint, and hardly something she should be teaching in ‘History of the Modern Caribbean.’

According to Flo, Professor Lightfoot basically started off the class saying “if you’re uncomfortable with talking about Black people and Black history, this isn’t the class for you” and “if you’re not okay with an anti-colonialist perspective on European settler icons, then you should probably leave” also allegedly “TW: white tears.”

So um maybe y’all should take this to fulfill your history requirement yeah

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i am feeling extremely miserable here. i am an international student so that makes it worse because i'm super homesick. I am also feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of work that college requires. i feel so nervous i'm not sure if i can handle all of this. please help..god knows i would feel so alone and helpless
Asked by Anonymous

hi, if you feel like it would help, i’d like to sit down with you and talk you through your time here so far and how you’re feeling. you can shoot me an email at jc3766@barnard.edu

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how do I make an appointment with primary care? I'm logged in the open communicator but I don't see a tab to make appointments. Thanls!
Asked by Anonymous

You actually can’t make appointments until September 8th! But you can definitely go to “urgent” walk-in hours. They’ll still see you.

Posted on September 04, 2014


Posted on September 01, 2014
Hi, I'm a first year and I'm pretty miserable. It looks like everyone already has a friend group or at least a couple of friends. I'm really shy and reserved. I've tried to put myself out there but it hasn't resulted in making any friends. I don't fit in and every interaction has felt superficial.
Asked by Anonymous

It’s tough. It really is, and I get that. In all honesty, it’s going to be like that for a while, but I really want you to understand that you will find the friends you need. Maybe not today, maybe not in a week, maybe not in a month, but you just need to keep at it. 

It may look like everyone already has friends, but I promise you that is not true. Many people are in the same boat as you, they’re just good at hiding it.You may be too. It’s entirely possible you’re the only one who knows you’re having trouble finding friends. To others (and others who are having trouble), you might seem perfectly fine. Essentially what I’m trying to say is that you’re not alone. Everyone is struggling in some way. It wouldn’t be a new experience otherwise.

Just let it happen. Check in with yourself. Allow yourself to feel hurt, sad, lonely, but then look forward to another day another chance. Because you’ll get another chance. You’ll get so many chances.

bonjourtristesse- said: 

Come hang out with me if you need someone to talk to or go out with or anything. I’m a sophomore and felt the same way as you when I was a freshman.

cupsofcoffee77 said: 

I’m out of Barnard now and I’m still best friends with someone I didn’t have a real connection with until the end of our first month there. It’ll come in! Hang in there! :)

amorinadeanna said: 

I had a different experience than most because I made “friends” on my floor & then transferred to a floor where I didn’t know anybody.It’s hard. At one point sophomore year, I looked around and realized I had some really great friends. It happens :)

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Barnard College 2013-2014 Common Data Set ⇢

Found this for y’all. Here they have the racial/ethnic demographics at Barnard as well as factors they look at during admissions (including the importance of each factor). There’s also data on class sizes and financial aid.

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Hey! Hope it's ok I'm asking another question. I was looking up Barnard's level of diversity on their website and was unable to find much info. A lot of schools seem to provide percentages of students of color and other stats. In your experience, is Barnard fairly diverse (on all levels of diversity)? I know that it's not a cheap school so does that make the student body homogenized in some ways?
Asked by confusedandanxious

It depends. I have met students from all walks of life and all background here, but there is a sense of a very strong presence of wealthy students. And I don’t mean by numbers (because I don’t know the numbers), but just in the sense of environment, it often feels like a lot of students here come from families with means. It’s not so egregious that you can say most students, but you could definitely say many students. 

It could also be because of Barnard’s branding. I’ve mentioned this before, but Barnard exudes an atmosphere that favors a certain kind of student, and that tends to be wealthy, cis, straight, and white. So Barnard often seems less diverse than it probably demographically is.

I’ve actually found myself far more often in a majority WOC environment than otherwise, and to be honest only some of that is intentional. It is a majority white school (I think I read like 57% somewhere??), but it’s not overwhelmingly so. I mean for some students that’s shocking diversity (high schools tend to very homogenized for a variety of reasons), but for others it’s disappointing. So it’ll depend. It’ll depend on you, and it’ll depend on the folks you like to surround yourself with.

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