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Founded on the auspicious 11th of November, in the year 2011, Barnard Baby has blogged about provincial life in the small rural hamlet of New York City since arriving at the gates of the inimitable Barnard College with a vial of White Men's Tears in her pocket and a pair of sensible size 6 1/2 boots on her feet.


Dubbed Mother of Prospies by the ever elusive Seer Overheard on the 22nd of July, in the 13th year of the 2nd millennia.

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Just a Barnard Baby

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I'm going to my interview today! Very excited but also nervous
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Take a breath and have fun!

Posted on October 17, 2014

"I have white friends."

- deathbyfurby

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HI just wondering WHY DID YOU CHOOSE BARNARD? what made you fall in love with it when you had first heard about it/come on campus?
Asked by Anonymous

hahaha I actually don’t have a very compelling Why Barnard story. I came, because I wanted to be in NYC, disappointing but true

Posted on October 17, 2014
Hi! I'm a prospective theatre major (concentration on acting) who's interested in learning about theatre and aspires to be a film actress. How do you recommend becoming involved in films on- (or off-) campus? Thanks so much!
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Go to CUFP or SAUF meetings. There are a lot of student filmmakers there and they are often looking for actors. If they are in production classes then they are DEFINITELY looking for actors (some of them have to shoot a scene every week).

As for off-campus work, there is always backstage.com. I used it one summer, and it was pretty fine.

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Hey! I love Barnard and am applying ED. Can you tell me a little bit about the Athena scholars program? Thanks so much
Asked by kaftii

Ok so the Athena Scholar Program is dedicated to fostering leadership in students at Barnard. It’s designed to work almost like a minor (though it’s not, and I would argue that it is far more rigorous than your typical minor). It consists of 2 required class, Women and Leadership and a Senior Seminar, 3 electives that have to fall into 2 out of 3 categories, 3 leadership lab workshops, a senior action project, and a bunch of other suggested opportunities (internships, mentor programs etc). It’s run by Abigail Lewis who is one of my favorite people in the entire world. I highly recommend it if only because of the opportunities it brings. I’ve gotten a lot out of this program, as have many of my fellow Athena Scholars. 

It is a lot of work though. I had to drop by minor in order to accommodate the requirements. 

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How possible is double majoring at Barnard? I'm not sure if this is something you know or if you could direct me to someone who does. I would really like to double major in neuroscience and music but I know that some schools make that pretty difficult to accomplish. (Currently a HS senior)
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It depends on the department. Certain departments have more rigid requirements than others which make them difficult to double major with. Other departments are pretty chill about their requirements (my friend informed me today that you only need to take 9 classes for the Poli Sci major) and are potentially easier to do in conjunction with another major. Take a look at their website and see if you can find their requirements. At the end of the day, you can try your hand at both of the departments and decide your sophomore year whether it works for you or not.

gakichan said: 

My friends who are double majoring started getting through the requirements in their first year (!). It doesn’t have to be that drastic, but definitely plan out when you’ll take your courses if you already have something in mind.

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Hi, I'm a rising sophomore and I am thinking about taking Africana - BC2510 Food, Ethnicity, Globalization) can you tell me more about your experience with this class? Thanks!
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Hi! I'm seriously so thankful for this blog. I was just wondering about the typical wardrobe at Barnard? Should I be stepping up my dress game or will I be able to fit in with a pair of skinny jeans and a rotation of unimpressive shirts/blouses?
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i know this was like three months ago, but i hope you just wear whatever you fucking feel like, because fuck typical

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would it be difficult for me to start a punk band at barnard?
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um pls do we could use one

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If a person wanted to rehearse a monologue in private, where would said person go to do that (other than their dorm - I'm in a quad, so it's basically a public place)? Thanks!
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Ehhhh this is actually pretty rough. There are music practice rooms in the basement of Sulz that you might be able to sign out. Or else you can try reserving a slot in Milbank 229. There’s a schedule on the door that you can fill in wherever there’s open space.

Posted on October 16, 2014