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Founded on the auspicious 11th of November, in the year 2011, Barnard Baby has blogged about provincial life in the small rural hamlet of New York City since arriving at the gates of the inimitable Barnard College with a vial of White Men's Tears in her pocket and a pair of sensible size 6 1/2 boots on her feet.


Dubbed Mother of Prospies by the ever elusive Seer Overheard on the 22nd of July, in the 13th year of the 2nd millennia.

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hey jo, quick question. i can work on a production crew for a show without taking a class or being a theatre major, right?
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Idk why but I just have an urge to tell the Barnard admitted student who feels like she won't fit in that I think she will definitely find her like kind there and feeling anxious about it is just natural :) Everything will work out with where ever she goes and what ever she does :)
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hey if anyone has any questions about queer life at barnard you can refer them to me I'm a certified gay baby
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I was recently accepted to Barnard after months of perhaps overestimating how well I'll fit in. As I look through the Class of 2018 page I can't help but feel like I won't fit in with the girls at all. There's so much talk of TV show fandoms, obsessions with tea/coffee, and generally other Tumblr-esque topics that I don't necessarily relate to. The girls seem incredibly kind and wonderful, but tbh I get a little annoyed with the topics of conversation. Should I be worried at all?
Asked by Anonymous

Honestly, I’m not sure how to answer you. The students at Barnard aren’t a homogenous mob of any particular identity. There are so many people here with such a diverse number of interests that I find it unfair to judge a class based on posts on a facebook page. People are so much more complex than what they share on social media.

I mean fandom and tea are totally my jam, but I’m so much more than that. They are too.

azuredome said: 

also it’s hard to make conversation with a whole bunch of girls you don’t know! talking about tv shows is like a nice thing lots of people have in common

americanhistoryquotes said:

Also keep in mind that those are the girls who are /using/ the Facebook group. There are likely girls who do not use social media to connect who are also going to Barnard. Not that social media is bad, but you’re getting a skewed sample. :)

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Hi! I'm very happy to say that I was accepted to Barnard RD & it's like a dream come true and hopefully I'll be attending next year, but the fact that I won't be receiving merit aid kinda sucks. How are you financing your education? Any tips for staying on budget in NYC?
Asked by satisfiedwithimperfections

Get a job. Either a part-time job on-campus through work study, and off-campus job, a paid internship, Barnard Babysitting, Barnard Codes, or Barnard Bartending. NYC is an expensive place, and you’ll need the funds for books and materials and transportation at the barest minimum. When you’re off the meal plan, you’ll need it for groceries as well (Trader Joes is, surprisingly, a life saver).

And that’s not counting the fact that you want to enjoy your time here. You want to see shows, go to events, have adventures. A lot of it takes money. At the same time, there are ways to enjoy yourself w/o shelling out cash. You just have to dig a little deeper into the city, but that’s part of the fun.

americanhistoryquotes said:

Jobs: great. Loans: also acceptable. They give you Stafford Subsidized Loans, but if you really need to, you can take out other loans. One year I took out a Subsidized, Unsubsidized and a Perkins. Helped a lot.

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hey hey, first off, thanks for the incredibly well-organized and informative blog! infinitely better than college prowler and the like. i was wondering if you had any friends who were double majors in art history (concentration in visual arts) and something else? i'd really love to double major, but i don't know if the studio classes would be overwhelming to balance with another major's workload
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Decide when you get here. You have so much time to figure it out, so give yourself some space to explore. If the workload is too much, it’s too much. If it’s manageable, it’s manageable. You won’t know until you’re here.

Posted on April 04, 2014
what is the athena scholars program?
Asked by 50-shades-of-feyarchive

It’s a program run by the Athena Center to promote women’s leadership. Part leadership theory, part feminist theory, and part leadership training, the program is meant to challenge your preconceptions about what leadership means, and what leadership means in a white supremacist heteropatriarchal society.

It’s a 5 course program and you’re also required to take a number of leadership labs, run by the lovely Tomika, get involved with an internship, and complete a Senior Social Action Project. Being an Athena Scholar also offers opportunities like the Athena Scholars Mentorship Program, where you’re matched with a mentor who checks up on you every now and then (I’m getting lunch with mine next week). Abigail, the head of the program sends out e-mails every now and then with a shit-ton of resources and goodies.

It’s a fantastic program. The women who take part in it do it for different reasons and come back from it with different perspectives, but at the end of the day, it’s another chance to grow.

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I know this isn't the main priority of college, but is it hard to meet guys? I love Barnard and the energy of the campus, but I don't really think I'm a girl's girl and I've always had guy friends. I'm sorry if this feels petty, but I value your opinion.
Asked by Anonymous

Hey! I wrote about this topic over here. It’s probably much more of an answer than you need, but I still think it’s worth bringing back, especially now that acceptances are out.

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Hi! So I just accepted to Barnard and I'm really excited to attend. I'm kind of scared about the roommate situation so can you tell me how that works? Is it possible to have a single in your freshman year and if I want one should I be applying/accepting now?
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For your first year, you are required to live in multiples (mostly doubles, some triples, and a few quads), unless you get disabilities housing. You can either try to live with someone you know (not guaranteed) or you can go for random roommate assignments.

Unless you have a legitimate reason to be accommodated by the Office of Disabilities Services, you will not live in a single.

Would you mind elaborating on why you are scared about the roommate situation?

Posted on March 28, 2014
How's the dorm life in Barnard? Personally do you feel like living in the campus dorm is more fulfilling ? Or will it be cheaper/better to rent a condo in NYC?
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